Why didn't I do this earlier?

Why didn't I do this earlier!? I realize that photos are only one part of the story of my life, there are moments behind the photo that should be told paint the complete picture of that little frozen piece of time and place and I have a ton of moments from this year that I should share, however fuzzy they may be now that months have passed since the events happening.

From here on out I will share my weekend adventures, photos, backpacking trips, events, and journal entries. Look forward to stories from my trips to Alaska, Utah, Canada, Washington, Wyoming, Colorado, and 6 National Parks. Many odes to my home state of Montana. A place that keeps me inspired to see more and be apart of the beautiful unspoiled nature as well as appreciate the easy way of life we seem to have.

I hope to provide you all with some insight, photography tips, travel tips, places to see, things to do, but most importantly provide you the inspiration to just get out, be a part of nature, and experience moments that make you stop and realize how lucky you are to be in that place at that moment in time. Here's to many adventures and much more inspiration!


First post coming later this week! Starting with my first trip to the Beartooth Pass in Southern Montana!




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