Olympic National Park- January 2017

Spontaneous weekend road trips. It seems that they have almost become a regular thing, which is fine by me. I'll be sitting around all week working my normal 9-5 job but the whole time I am thinking, "Where should I go this weekend?" This weekend I chose the coast! I packed up the dog and my gear, left Missoula at 5 am and hit I-90 to Seattle with the destination being Olympic National Park on the Washington Coast. This time my friend Willow wanted to join and model for me. I've been really wanting to do more portraits and I got plenty of practice.

The coast and the rainforest, two of my favorite environments. I don't spend much time around either but the inspiration they spark stays with me long after I leave. Seeing wave after wave crash against rock and recede back into the endless horizon is almost a meditative feeling, I took a huge deep breath, the mist filled my lungs, I exhaled, I stared, not really thinking of anything specific, just feeling peace. Then returning to the rainforest for my second time and seeing the moss draped from the 100 ft tall trees, life everywhere, endless plants covering the forest floor, It was like returning to a place you used to live. In June I hiked 34 miles in that rainforest and it was my home for 4 days, as soon as I got to the trail I remembered that feeling of anticipation I had to get the journey underway. We spent a few hours driving the rainforest road and hiking in the Hall of Mosses, amongst giants blanketed in growth, some of the trees had sprouted before my ancestors crossed the Atlantic and most will be there after I'm gone, a simple tree putting life into perspective.

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Willow on our cliffside spot on Second Beach, Olympic National Park, WA

Our cozy cabin on Lake Quinault , Olympic National Park, WA

Beach 2 at sunrise, not to be confused with Second Beach, Olympic National Park, WA

The Hoh River Rainforest, Olympic National Park, WA

La Push, WA

The Hall of Mosses, Olympic National Park, WA

Willow in the rainforest at sunrise, Olympic National Park, WA

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