4 | 06 Day - A Photo Celebration of Montana

Sunrise on the Rocky Mountain Front outside of Augusta, Montana

I remember when I was about to graduate high school and all I wanted to do was leave my small town home to live in the big city. I hadn't yet experienced everything my home had to offer, or I didn't really care. Over the past couple years I have been lucky enough to see my home state through new eyes, and experience unbelievable raw moments that I was oblivious to before I picked up my first camera. It's hard not to be romantic when thinking about Montana. The air is clean, the water is clear, the stars are bright, the sky is big, and the mountains make you feel small.

" Oh I'll never leave Montana, brother"

The National Bison Range outside of Charlo, Montana

Flying near the Chinese Wall in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana

Sunrise on the Bob Marshall Wilderness and Rocky Mountain Front, Montana

Sunset from an old homestead in the Mission Valley, Montana

Full moon and the fog in Glacier National Park

Sunset at Lake McDonald, and a beautiful reflection, Montana

The Swan River covered in a fresh blanket of snow, Montana

A cold wind blows across Lake McDonald in the heart of winter, Glacier National Park, Montana

Morning after a fresh rain in West Glacier, Montana

The Crown of the Continent, Glacier National Park, Montana

Swiftcurrent Lake as dusk settles in, Glacier National Park, Montana

Granite Butte Lookout ignites with sunset colors, near Helena, Montana

Final Light from the Beartooth Pass, Montana

Fog shrouds Swiftcurrent Lake and Grinnell Peak in Glacier National Park, Montana

An inversion shrouds the McDonald River Valley, Taken from the Going to the Sun Road, Montana

An inversion fills the valley below the Crown of the Continent, Taken from the Going to the Sun Road, Montana

The stars and galaxy shine brightly from my camp spot on the Beartooth Psas, Montana

Sunrise ignites St.Mary Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

Sunrise on Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana

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